They’ve Invented a New Mental Illness – Caffeine Withdrawal



Therapists are always looking for more clients and we are a nation of wimps and whiners. Put that all together and what do you get? You get a perfect storm for a concocted mental illness that people will latch onto.

Researchers have conducted a study of 170-year’s worth of research that concludes caffeine withdrawal is a real problem. In fact, they say, it interferes with life functions so much that psychiatrists want caffeine withdrawal classified as a psychiatric disorder.

Many studies are done for notoriety and I wonder if this is one of those.

The unbearable classifiable symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, unhappiness, and difficulty concentrating. The researchers claim that 1 in 8 cannot function without their daily fix.

How much further will we go to enable people?

Toughen up coffee drinkers!

The real question we now face is whether Bloomberg will ban coffee.

Full story at webmd