New Open Borders Program: Rescue Beacons for Illegals, Social Worker Border Agents



The United States government has been systematically installing rescue beacons along the Mexico-US border in South Texas and in Arizona to aid illegal aliens as they cross over into the US illegally. This is being done by border patrol, the same border patrol that were recently told not to aim weapons at illegals crossing and to duck if rocks are thrown at them by said illegals.

Some illegal aliens get injured or die in Mexico on their way to our country or after they cross our borders and that is one reason for the beacons. However, you should know that illegals are allowed to stay after they are helped.

Arizona has a sponsor program. It requires law enforcement to drive them to offices where they receive free medical care, food stamps, and housing (and cab rides) by the thousands. This is done at taxpayer expense.

What they should be doing is lining up the ICE trucks at these locations.

The Mexican government has not undertaken any program to help people who cross the borders illegally. They throw people crossing illegally into jail or shoot them down.

The beacons are 30-feet-tall and solar powered. They have sun reflectors and blue lights on top that are visible for 10 miles. The beacons have signs in three languages – English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese – that direct users to push a red button that sends out a signal for help.

As a side note, the Chinese are communists and this is a good way for them to infiltrate. They aren’t exactly our friends.

The left has decided that open borders is a good thing, especially since the research shows that the majority of new immigrants come from totalitarian countries and will vote Democratic when they become citizens.

The AP and various other news sources posting the information said that the beacons are to aid “immigrants.” We are slowly being made to think “immigrants” are synonymous with “illegal immigrants.”

No one wants to see anyone die crossing into our borders illegally, however, that is an excuse for the open borders activists who refuse to allow our immigration law to be enforced.

If we don’t have borders, we are no longer a country.

Border patrol is being converted from a law enforcement agency into a social work agency.

Border Patrol agents are now specially trained in rescue and medical operations to respond to distress calls and help them instead of detaining them and sending them back to Mexico.

In many states, illegal aliens are getting college loans, driver’s licenses, Denver is giving DREAMers teaching licenses even if they only have a GED and California is allowing them to join the Bar Association. It should be mentioned that almost anyone under 40 can pretend to be a DREAMer, such are the restrictions.

Many illegals have fraudulent IDs. In addition to violating our law by crossing the border, they have committed fraud. Then there are the terrorists and the drug dealers. No one can say anything about it or they will be accused of racism, which has served as a great ruse for several years now.

Are you feeling the love like Jeb Bush apparently feels it?

I wonder how many US citizens have died at the hands of illegal immigrants? Anyone know?

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h/t Herb Richmond