New York Greets Race Baiter Sharpton and Angry Red Diaper Baby Sanders


Sharpton and SAnders

Race Baiter Rev. Al tweeted he wants action, not campaign slogans, shortly before he huddled in Sylvia’s in Harlem with Bernie the socialist. This is the restaurant where Al met with Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign.

Hillary has to be nervous. Sanders is trying to broaden his appeal to blacks, especially in the south.

The South Carolina primary is coming up in a couple weeks. More than half of South Carolina’s primary voters were black in the 2008 contest pitting Clinton against Obama, the first black candidate for president. She lost by a 29 percentage point margin.

She’s only favored now because of her support from blacks and Hispanics.

Sharpton will meet with Hillary next week and then endorse one of the two.

How sick is our culture that our presidential candidates are wooing a tax cheat and accused drug dealing race baiting destroyer of lives?  Read more about Al’s sleazy past on this link.

Sanders and Al met for only about 20 minutes and it’s a way of Al letting Hillary knows she has to promise him a lot to compete.

Check out the Twitter post at the end.

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