New York Pill-Tracking Plan Proves Big Government Does NOT Work!


I admit that the scrip has been morphed, but please take a look at the bar code. There is a bar code on every single scrip in New York. There is even a pharmacist test strip. So, what the hay were these government people doing instead of monitoring these scrips this entire time? Apparently not much.

New York’s AG, Eric Schneiderman, recently put out a report that found prescriptions for Oxycodone have skyrocketed 82% across New York from 2007 to 2010, with corresponding drug-related deaths.

Again, I ask, what has our government been doing with the bar code? Some drug-dealing doctors were prescribing 2000 pills for individual patients. Couldn’t the government have a computer programmer come in and set up a program that spits this kind of thing out? Of course, the answer is a resounding YES! The government could improve inner controls and technology but they won’t.

The government has not proven themselves competent when it comes to this sort of thing so they have decided to pass the buck to doctors and make them responsible for pill-tracking. That not only puts a tremendous legal burden on them as they do the job of the government, but it is another unfunded mandate by government.

It is going to take doctors more time, cost them more money, and they are most definitely not going to want to give truly sick patients all the meds they need. It is not that bad though, patients can grow “medical” marijuana, they just can’t drink big sodas.

I don’t believe doctors are buying into this though the media has made that claim – only the most dedicated big government-lovers would think this is a good idea.

I have a better idea, why doesn’t Nanny New York stop worrying about how much soda we drink and do the jobs they should be doing?

The government can’t handle much. Medicaid fraud and abuse now costs New York alone $4.5 billion a year. The Russian mob now concentrates on their prescription drug trade because it is easier to work than their other businesses.

I can’t wait until the government has complete control over our money and our health – they are doing such a fine job.