New York Sequester: Cut Meals to Poor Seniors


Sequester disaster

Obama plans to cut funds to the poor in New York and blame Sequester.

Instead of prioritizing the minuscule reduction in spending aka Sequester, Democrats throughout the country, who received the Obama memo, are threatening to make the reductions to spending hurt those who are most vulnerable.

Couldn’t they give smaller pay increases to some public sector employees like Barack Obama? No, they won’t, they are going after the poor instead.

Sequester cuts one-tenth of one percent to the increase in spending this year, in other words, about a penny on every dollar. The government currently borrows 46 cents of every dollar it spends and most of it is borrowed from countries who hate us.

The president said, unbelievably, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that we don’t have to worry about spending for ten years. Ten years comes quickly and there is no reason to believe that he is reading the tea leaves correctly. China could stop lending to us tomorrow. We have no control over the people who loan us money.

New York is threatening to cut the following:

  • Public housing for the poor
  • Money for Hurricane Sandy (Obama has already said this aid will NOT be cut)
  • Primary and secondary education
  • Head Start
  • College funds for low-income people
  • Government-provided meals for seniors (food stamps are exempt – cutting this makes no sense unless the plan is to hurt people)

What is not being cut:

  • The salaries for Barack Obama and Congress
  • Michelle Obama’s birthday bash
  • Obama vacations
  • Collection of taxes
  • Aid to Egypt and other countries who hope to eventually eviscerate us
  • Funds to financial losers like Amtrak. Transit is not affected though we were led to believe otherwise.

Rep. Justin Amash of MI said it won’t affect Michigan much if at all. If it is not affecting MI, why can’t other states handle this minute reduction in spending?

Jay Carney said the results of Sequester will become apparent slowly. The reason for that is it will take time for Democrats to force reductions in areas where it hurts. It can’t be done overnight, if at all.

Barack Obama wants you to believe that there can never be any cuts to the government spending. This isn’t even a cut. We are approaching $17 trillion in debt and he plans to continue spending a trillion dollars more than we take in every year.