New York Test Scores Plummet, Thank You Common Core!


common core elephant Photo of the Common Core elephant pondering how he will fit into the little box.

Newsday’s headline Thursday read, TEST SCORES PLUMMET! The subtitle was, ‘less than half of Long Island students in grades 3 through 8 pass tough new state exams. Results even worse statewide.’

Before you read this post, make sure you know what Common Core is because that is the reason the test scores plummeted. If you don’t know what Common Core is, you need to know. You can check it out here and here. Just put ‘Common Core’ in the ‘search and enter’ box on this site and you will find information and videos you can check out.

After you read the headline on Newsday, you can go right to the test scores and look at the test scores for each individual district. If you live on Long Island, you will become inordinately infuriated with your school district officials if you only look at the scores and don’t know the Common Core story.

It’s all a sham folks!

It’s not about the test scores! Your child’s teacher didn’t suddenly become a fool! Your child didn’t suddenly lose 30 IQ points! What did happen is Common Core was put in place.

State Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. released the test scores yesterday. He is a charter school proponent who is working with the federal government to establish the new nationalized education curricula – Common Core. He has never taught in a public school.

It is illegal to nationalize education according to our Constitution because one size does NOT fit all and our Founding Fathers had the sense to realize that. However, the Obama administration  and the Governors of individual states throughout the nation are doing it anyway.

The way they are making this legal is by not mandating the curricula but making all tests, including SAT’s and ACT’s align with the Common Core Standards or curricula. No one will have a choice. All will have to teach this one curricula.

Newsday officials, in their ignorance, think that LI students have failed to pass ‘tough new state exams in math and English’ when in fact the tests are based on rote standards forced into the schools this year. Teachers were given no information or training. Forget the training. It’s not important. What is important, is the fact that the standards are not ‘tough.’ They are merely different – different in a bad way.

The standards are nothing more than basic skill sets. There is a place for that but if you were hoping for thinking skills, they can’t really be taught. The Common Core, in the end, teaches rote learning skills and pretends they are making your children smarter.

Common Core does attempt to teach thinking skills but there is no time or flexibility for teachers to do that and make it work. Thinking can’t be taught. Students have to come to it on their on. They have to learn to think for themselves. The Standards move at a rate that will be uncomfortable for some students and impossible for many. They are making every student work at the same pace – even handicapped children…even gang children. It’s moronic!

The most meaningless tests are rote standardized tests and the rote skills they are based on. Common Core embraces all of that and imprints it on our public schools in the worse dumbing down of America we have ever witnessed.

The number of Long Island students in grades 3 through 8 who passed state tests plunged more than 40% according to Newsday. If we are to believe the tests given prior to these new standardized tests were completely worthless, then this proclamation has meaning. Of course it’s not true and it doesn’t have meaning.

When Common Core was put into place earlier this year, teachers were all assured by the state officials that they expected a 30% drop or more in test scores because the tests were untried and no one was prepared for the new material. The tests were deliberately set up for failure. There was no way, by the State education department’s own admission, that students would do well.

Now that the scores are published, the state, the media, the administration are putting the failure onto the teachers and the schools because they want to protect themselves and the Common Core.

Newsday made it seem as if teachers and administrators protested because they didn’t want to live ‘up to the tough new standards’ when in fact the Common Core is a lowering of standards in many ways. Rote learning is never a step up.

The Superintendent of Middle Country Schools, Roberta Gould, said it best. “We strongly believe there is no correlation between these latest assessment results and our students’ ability to be college-and-career-ready.”

She is absolutely correct. There is NO correlation – zip, zero, nada, zilch and none at all.

Teachers don’t have to worry about poor evaluations as a result of their students’ poor performance, a comforting State Education Department said reassuringly, even though teachers are now graded in part on their students’ test performance.  Why, you ask? Well, because the tests are curved. That should prove very reassuring to parents who don’t know what the hell has been going on.

Parents have been deliberately kept in the dark. Teachers have been threatened for speaking out against the standards.

The fact is that the tests are bad tests! The Core is not great and it will get worse. It attempts to standardize all learning. It’s one-size-fits-all education. We need to individualize more, not standardize more!

New York is bringing their ‘standards’ in line with the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The NAEP is Progressive. There is nothing progressive about the standards in the full sense of the meaning of the word – there is no progress to be had as a result of these standards and the accompanying tests.

The Common Core is merely an attempt to nationalize education and make every student learn the same thing in the same way at the same time. Welcome to true Socialist education where children are drones, teachers are puppets, and parents have absolutely NO control over the education of their children – that will be left to the State.