New York’s Disabled Workers Can Leap Tall Buildings In a Single Bound


LIRR pension disability scam arrests

LIRR workers doing the perp walk despite their ‘disabilities.’

In New York, all of our Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) workers go out on disability. Oh, wait, I’m exaggerating, it’s only 97% of them. One has to wonder what the story is with the other 3%. Our former Suffolk County legislator, Steve Levy, used to bring it to the public’s attention but got lambasted for it. They unions didn’t like hearing it!

Some of them are being tried, finally.

One retired LIRR conductor, Michael Costanza, is on trial and wait until you hear how disabled he was.

First you should know that he claimed he had difficulty walking and standing when he retired in 2004.

Soon after, he qualified as a Class A firefighter in North Merrick. As such, he was able to enter burning buildings, twice removing and re-hefting his self-contained breathing apparatus as he navigated a 36″ wide passage and slithered down a 16″ high tunnel (Newsday). Hmmmm….maybe he crawled then?

When the prosecutor asked about his condition, Costanza replied, ‘Good.’ [Oh dear]

Costanza received $2400 a month in disability since 2004.

He has been charged with conspiracy and fraud as part of an alleged scheme among doctors, consultants and many retirees to collect disability with fraudulent health records.

Another LIRR supervisor earned his Fourth-Degree black belt in jujitsu and even gave a judo demo at the Pentagon while collecting disability.

If they are disabled, they must have been Supermen before.

That’s my New York. Taxed to death so we can support the corrupt.