New York’s Governor Condemns Himself Over LIPA’s Performance

Andrew Cuomo

If we as New Yorkers cannot see the problem with Governor Cuomo’s attacks on LIPA, then we are as dumb as he is. I’m not sticking up for LIPA here. They could be awful for all I know, though I think they did the best they could after Hurricane Sandy. That is more than I can say for FEMA, but that’s another story.

Governor Cuomo said today that LIPA can’t be fixed. To be specific, he said, “End it, don’t mend it.” He should start writing jingles.

A Cuomo aide later came out to temper his ludicrous statements and said that they didn’t represent a change in position, but that the governor was simply repeating his denunciation of LIPA’s performance.

Why is it a problem for the Governor to constantly say LIPA is a disaster? Because LIPA is under Cuomo’s control! Cuomo appoints a majority of the LIPA board. He has failed to fill vacancies. He has not named a new chief executive in the two years he has been in office. This is on him and he is basically insulting himself.

If you will remember, he was also in charge of HUD when it went into the subprime business.

Maybe he is the one who needs to go.

Andrew Cuomo is the same man who said he voted for Bloomberg for mayor when he didn’t live in NYC.

Cuomo called Pataki a coat holder after 9/11. He was the favorite for nomination as Governor in 2002, but his campaign took on serious damage when Cuomo said (in reference to the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks) “Pataki stood behind the leader. He held the leader’s coat. He was a great assistant to the leader. But he was not a leader. Cream rises to the top, and Rudy Giuliani rose to the top.” The remarks were widely derided.