Newly Uncovered Obama Deception on Iran Nuke Deal



It looks like Iran will have access to US dollars. AP reporter Matt Lee asked State’s Mark Toner the question and the answer isn’t hopeful.

He knows nothing.

The US is possibly rewriting the rules of the Iran nuke deal to accommodate the Iranians and might be writing a rule to not punish foreign banks that engage in transactions where Iran is the payee. Either that or they deceived Congress last summer.

James Rosen asked for clarification as to whether any of this language about financial transactions were in the original text when the Congress was briefed but Toner couldn’t answer the question.

Congress is investigating the Obama administration’s deception on the Iran deal. They are looking into whether the Obama administration misled lawmakers last summer about the extent of concessions granted to Iran under the nuclear deal, as well as if administration officials have been quietly rewriting the deal’s terms in the aftermath of the agreement, according to sources and a formal notice sent to the State Department.

It’s one or the other or both.


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