News Alert! George Demos Is MIA!


Demos is missing

George Demos, the perennial candidate for congressional office on Long Island, is missing! That’s not unusual since he mostly doesn’t live or work on Long Island.  Still, where is he?

George Demos has been sending out angry emails, deceptive flyers, snarky press releases, and he has been running misleading ads on TV day and night against his Republican opponent, Lee Zeldin.

LI News Radio took the bull by the horns and offered to host a debate on 103.9 to get the truth out once-and-for-all. Newsday’s Rick Brand will moderate or at least he would if George Demos could be found.

LI News Radio is nonpartisan and its sole reason for existence is to give area residents an opportunity to hear candidates speak. They would be completely even-handed and they have no horse in this race.

The Demos camp issued a debate challenge to Lee Zeldin and that prompted the radio station to reach out. Zeldin’s team accepted immediately but Demos’ team failed to respond to numerous emails and phone calls.

Where is he? Is he back home, which we know isn’t Long Island?

Station manager, Matt Goldapper, went onto the John Gomez show to repeat his offer for a “fair, informative debate” and added, “ I have never heard of a candidate refusing their own debate challenge, so as of right now we are still waiting for a response from the Demos camp”.

Long Islanders need to hear him try and explain how Lee Zeldin, as a State Senator, voted for ObamaCare or how he voted for the health exchanges in New York when Cuomo implemented them via Executive Order. His absurd reference to a budget item isn’t going to cut it in a debate.

We know Demos wouldn’t worm out of a debate and isn’t only shooting his mouth off or using his Democratic family’s money to run anti-Zeldin ads, so we can only assume something happened to him. We are worried.

Has anyone seen George Demos?