News Blast on SCOTUS Affirmative Action InDecision


Sentinel News Blast

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on Affirmative Action by not ruling. They sent the case back to the courts.

In a 7 to 1 decision, with Elena Kagan recusing herself, SCOTUS ruled in Fisher v. University of Texas that the case should go back to the courts.

In this case, Miss Fisher challenged the University of Texas’s affirmative action policy, which she said discriminated against her because she is White.

Miss Fisher was not admitted to the University medical school because she is White. The university admitted they did discriminate against her because of race, citing their affirmative action policy.

SCOTUS on Monday told Miss Fisher to go back to court to let the courts decide if she was discriminated against despite the fact that the university admitted they picked minorities over her because of race.

It will return to the SCOTUS in a couple years.