News Blast on Senate Immigration Bill


Sentinel News Blast

The Senate immigration bill gets better all the time! It is a big warm and fuzzy blanket for law breakers.

The Government Accountability Office is coming out with a new shocking report on Monday which shows another area in which the Senate immigration bill will be lacking.

It seems that the Senate immigration bill will treat companies who have not hired people here illegally the same as companies who have.

Employers of illegals cannot be prosecuted under the Senate immigration bill. There is something wrong with the Senators’ sense of fairness if they think this bill is acceptable.

Those companies also don’t have to provide Obamacare to people who hire people here illegally. It will pay for companies to hire illegals – they save $5000 a year per employee!

Companies who engaged in tax fraud and didn’t pay illegals on the books will never be held accountable should the Senate immigration bill pass. Companies that did the right thing will get nothing for their efforts – that’ll teach ’em!