Newsday Idiocy – Sex Workers


Maybe we should call them “sex engineers?” What do you think?

How idiotic are we going to get before people say “ENOUGH?” Why do we buy into PC to the point of idiocy? PC robs us of our free speech rights.

Newsday had an article about victims of a crime who were prostitutes. A crime against a prostitute is as terrible as a crime against anyone, and I in no way want to minimize that, however, if you read Newsday, it’s hard to know who the victims were. Newsday used the new PC term, “sex workers” to describe them.

“Prostitute and escort” are the PC terms for the particular “sex workers”  in question, duh!!!

It’s not a good idea to legitimize a “profession” that is dangerous and diminishes the self-worth of the person who does it. If people want to be “sex workers,” so be it, but call them what they are, “prostitutes, pimps, porn stars,” whatever, but be specific and be real.