Newsday Praises Bush But Omits His Name On Allocation Of Funds For Ground Zero

Funding & Allocation Came During The Bush Era


Again, Newsday lies by omission. An article in Newsday today praised the $20 billion in federal aid that saved the World Trade Center area.  What they failed to mention is that this allocation of funds was done during the BUSH era. Not once do they mention Bush, but, rather, they insinuate the credit goes to everyone in power now.

Newsday reports that…This cash and the tax breaks after the 9/11 attacks “played a major role in the rebuilding and revival of lower Manhattan, according to a study released yesterday by a city budget office.”

The study found that the more than $20 billion helped preserve the city’s role as a global financial center, spurred rebuilding efforts, and contributed to significant growth in downtown housing.

Sen. Schumer said, “It is remarkable that such a high percentage of the money promised has been spent so well helping to save downtown.”…

Well, Schumer’s deceptive approach is no surprise. Here is an anti-second amendment guy who tried to join the Peconic gun club so he could shoot off HIS guns.

Where has Bloomberg been for the last ten years? Why don’t people get on him more? Those buildings should have been up in four years or is American resilience a myth under Bloomberg? Bloomberg was dickering around with owners and nonsense – he did not lead. The only thing Bloomberg seems concerned about is making sure a Mosque that teaches Sharia law is built on Ground Zero with taxpayer dollars.