Newsday – Propaganda Machine for New York’s Far Left


Newsday, a far-left propaganda paper, reprinted an AP story about Obama today and didn’t even seem to realize how absurd it sounded. The title was, “Back to work, Obama dives into campaign.”

The President campaigns more than he works, and that includes his actions during his undistinguished senatorial career.

“With an eye on the 2012 campaign, President Barack Obama is wrapping up a Hawaiian vacation and planning to jump back into his re-election campaign,” blabbed Newsday, quoting the AP.

The article goes on to talk about Obama’s campaign plans while 15.6% are unemployed or underemployed, stores are closing, and the Feds are printing money like the devil was poking them in the butts with pitchforks in order to get them to do it.

No matter, the media will lie and tell you all is getting better.

Maybe someone could explain how it could ever possibly get better when we won’t cut, won’t slow the growth of spending, and are, in fact, increasing the growth of spending at the same time that we are de-valuing our dollar? Someone explain it to me because the explanations defy logic so far.

At least the “too bigs to fail” are hanging in there while we steal from the investor to pay them off, as in the MF Global case, and, by the way, when they’ve taken all their money, they’ll come after yours.