Newsday Reporting Honestly About Presidential Hopeful John Kerry’s Wealth


Senator John Kerry (D-MA), who takes a salary of $174,000 from the taxpayer, is the richest member of the U.S. Senate. He is a BIG advocate for raising taxes on the rich, like Obama. He has a net worth of over $230 million and his wife’s net worth is over $1 billion. Over the years, however, they have avoided millions of dollars in taxes through a complex web on inherited trust funds. In 2010 alone, they paid no taxes on about $4.8 million in earnings.

Remember that $7 million yacht they had docked in RI to avoid MA taxes? He had the unmitigated gall to say he always meant to pay the taxes.

To avoid conflicts of interest, they were advised to place investments into a blind trust, but they have not done so. They have numerous stock investments in companies that benefit from bailouts and ObamaCare. Read more: PJ Media

Newsday honestly and fairly reports about all Presidential & VP candidates, like when they reported about Biden’s failure to give to charity, oh, that’s right, they didn’t. Oh, but they reported about Pelosi’s husband benefiting financially from how she votes in Congress….hmm….no, they didn’t report that. They did talk about John Edwards extramarital events, his wealth, and his corrupt dealings. No, I just remembered, they didn’t.

Don’t fear, they properly reported on Kerry’s wealth when he ran for President.

Newsday:  John Kerry’s tax returns tell the tale: Yes, he’s rich – really rich. His returns, spanning more than 500 pages and released under political pressure yesterday, represent an extraordinary financial accounting of one of the wealthiest U.S. Presidential candidates in generations, with his annual income topping $20 million.

It remains unclear how the details will play among American workers, who on average earn less in a lifetime than Kerry paid in taxes in 2010 alone.

For 2011, Kerry will pay…

Okay, I admit that the previous paragraphs while written by Newsday had nothing to do with Kerry. It was written by Newsday today and it was in reference to Mitt Romney whom they seek to destroy.

When Kerry ran for office, they made no mention of anything like this. They did in fact mock Bush endlessly though. Yes, they are fair and balanced.