Newsweek’s Michelle Goldberg Finds Ann Romney’s Phraseology Creepy Like Hitler and Stalin


The following story evolves around harmless statements made by Ann Romney in discussing the raising of five boys.

Newsweek/Daily Beast/ contributor, Michelle Goldberg, in discussing Ann Romney’s use of the phrase, the crown of motherhood, finds the phrase, Crown of Motherhood really kind of creepyit’s authoritarian societies that give out like the cross of motherhood, give out awards for big families, Stalin did it, Hitler did it..

Right, Michelle, Stalin and Hitler loved mothers, and Stalin and Hitler didn’t love eugenics which seems to be the path the extreme Democrats such as Michelle here are on with their “free abortions for all” campaign. Maybe Michelle isn’t aware that we have nationally recognized “Mother’s Day” for the contributions of mothers and that is the place Ann Romney is coming from.

The extremist, Goldberg, made these comments on Mother’s Day no less. It’s creepy and Hilter-like to be a mother and talk about the trials of tribulations of being a mother??? Seriously?

Ann Romney represents the average American woman better than this elitist, self-involved snob.

Not to be outdone, Chris Hayes, the host and another bona fide petty person, went on to subtly belittle troops by admitting they have had to go through several tours of duty but we’re kind of …making up for lack of support for them with hero worship. He also made fun of Ann Romney discussing the normal feelings women have when first dealing with motherhood.

I guess Ann Romney can’t talk about her role as a mother any longer. It might make her look “extreme.”

As you probably know, Goldberg has written award-winning books and articles for her stance on population control and for her fear and controlled hatred of Christianity.

She wrote, The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World, in which she demonstrates how women’s rights are key to addressing both overpopulation and rapid population decline, reducing world poverty, and retarding the spread of AIDS.

I do agree that women should not be enslaved by being kept barefoot and pregnant but this author is over-the-top. She considers her tome as part of the global battle for women’s rights but she doesn’t seem to think Ann Romney has any rights.

In her other book, Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, Goldberg, who admits to being a partisan “secular Jew and ardent urbanite,” recounts her travels through the heartland of America tying Republicans, Evangelicals, Christians, military retirees to neo-confederates, theocrats, nationalists and other scary people.

They all want Christianity to dominate non-believers according to her. She does admit it’s probably only 15% of the population – Im not sure where she gets her stats but I bet they are way high.

She traveled around and picked out the most extreme viewpoints, ignoring the majority.

She keeps talking about Christian Reconstructionism which has all of about 10 members and how they believe in infiltrating the system (dominion). She says this while the extreme left is taking over all the government systems.

While she complains about the extreme right, she advocates for the extreme left.

I say get rid of the extremes on both ends so we can get our country back.