Newtown, Always Remembered: Fast & Furious, Forever Forgotten

Brian Terry
Brian Terry

Kent and Josephine Terry will now be eternally joined by Newtown parents in sharing December 14th as a tragic, sorrowful anniversary date.  Who are Mr. & Mrs. Terry?  They are the mother and father of murdered border agent Brian Terry.  Brian was killed while serving in southern Arizona, on December 14, 2010.

You can be forgiven if you’d forgotten all about them and their son.  You can be forgiven because for the better part of the past two years the same politicians, led by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who’ve spent the last 30+ days trying to burn Sandy Hook into your memories, want you to forget about Brian Terry, and the “Fast and Furious” scandal triggered by his heart breaking murder.

During President Obama’s first year in office, his Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives began a program in which as many as 2,000 guns, including “military style assault rifles” were allowed to be put in the hands of Mexican drug dealers.  The plan was to track those weapons in the hope they would lead us to high level cartel bosses.  This strategy was called “gun walking”, and the plan itself was named “Operation Fast & Furious”.

The ill considered scheme went horrifically wrong on several levels.  First,  ATF lost track of the guns.  Second, the criminals given possession of those firearms used them to kill an estimated 200 Mexicans.  Third, and probably most shocking, two “gun walked”, AK-47 knockoffs found near the body of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, were likely used against him in the gunfight that took his life.

So where were the specially called presidential/vice presidential news conferences vowing, in Brian’s name, to take action and get answers?  Were Kent, Josephine, and any siblings found behind the podium as Obama or Biden “ginned up” a campaign to find out what went wrong with the gun walking, and to update fellow Americans on the chase for Terry’s killers? Hardly.

Actually the president, fellow Democrats, and his Attorney General, all aided by a overwhelmingly compliant media, were doing any number of things to keep the curtain down on this ugly scandal.  Here are some of the more troubling dodges used to prevent Americans from learning the whole story:

Attorney General, Eric Holder appeared to be “stonewalling” members of Congress. Initially he claimed to know nothing about the operation even though it was run under the supervision of his department.  Subsequent testimony and documents made this tale rather implausible.

Mr. Holder refused to turn over subpoenaed records critical to the congressional investigation of this botched, government sting, and became the first sitting Cabinet Member held in criminal contempt of Congress.

President Obama claimed executive privilege in a direct attempt to keep documents related to “Fast and Furious”, and by extension, Agent Terry’s murder, from public scrutiny.

No executive branch press briefings, instantly formed commissions, quickly compiled recommendations, kids reading letters, 23 executive orders, or high profile demands for action from Congress when it came to thousands of misappropriated guns, a couple hundred dead Mexicans, and a murdered U.S. Border Agent.  Given this administration’s push for greater federal control over millions of guns it’s clear why they’d want to remove all memory of Operation Fast and Furious.  If the feds couldn’t keep track of a measly 2,000 guns, and that failure led to several years of mayhem and murder….why would clear thinking Americans trust them with an exponentially expanded role?

In 33 days President Obama and Vice President Biden moved at light speed in an effort to “do something” on behalf of, and in the name of, those slain in Newtown.  In 2 years and 33 days they haven’t done much of anything on behalf of our fallen federal law officer.

A cynic might say the school shooting provided Obama/Biden great political opportunity, while Brian Terry’s murder offered only a huge political liability.  Given their prompt and public actions on Newtown vs. their obstructionism regarding Fast & Furious, the cynic is very likely right, which makes all this very wrong.