Nightmare DREAM Act Revisited-It’s Closet Amnesty But Not If You’re Jewish

The DREAM Act, Not Only About College Students

We love immigrants and we love immigrants from all countries. Immigrants are often better citizens than those who are born here. It doesn’t mean we have to love illegal immigration.

The DREAM Act, which amounts to full amnesty is back for a hearing in the Senate, despite the fact that it was voted down in the House. The various versions of the DREAM Act which have been going in-and-out of the Congress for the last ten years all include amnesty for illegals who came here by age 16. Not wanting to break up families, it protects families and it goes beyond the immediate family to cousins, uncles, aunts…It will also require U.S. taxpayers to fund illegal students while citizens often cannot afford to send their children to college. We already fund welfare for illegals, why not college?

While we try to legalize illegals from our southern border, which includes drug cartels, mules and terrorists, Israeli college students are banned for life if they come here illegally.
Illegal Jews who were banned:

Illegals from the south ranted for rights at the Senate hearings. Hundreds of illegal immigrant students attended the hearings. The Democrats, looking to make some political hay and more Democratic voters, railed in favor the amnesty act. Read here: Nigthmare Act