Nikoula Agrees with Obama Donor, Bill Maher, So What’s the Problem

Nakoula Bisseley Nakoula

The “spontaneous” movie, which almost no one would watch, was a motivational tool to get people worked up in the Muslim world. Beyond that, it has no relevance. The attacks were mostly planned, certainly the one in Libya was, as the Libyan president has told us. If it wasn’t the film, The Innocence of Muslims, it would have been something else. The trailer for this film was posted in June so why now?

Obama is mired in a belief that being connected to the Muslim world from his youth left him with an intimate connection that Muslims would instantly recognize and bow to.

As it becomes more obvious that al-Qaida is stirring up the trouble, Americans might begin to suspect that President Obama’s policy has failed so his only alternative is to shift the blame to the director of the moronic film, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and demonize him.

Nakoula will now join the ranks of the health insurance companies, Wall street, Cambridge cops, Catholics, older white men, Jews, Netanyahu, Tea Party people, Republicans and Fox News.

The media has been all over Nakoula’s character, calling him shadowy and criminal, but that is a straw man. What does it matter if Nakoula isn’t the best person or not? He is entitled to free speech.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was pulled from his suburban LA home at 1:40 in the morning on a bogus probation charge by the Sheriffs. Leaks sent the man’s name out over the airwaves and we soon learned he might be a Coptic Christian. Now Copts in Egypt are in danger.

Do you think Nakoula would have been picked up by sheriffs for this piddling charge under ordinary circumstances or is it that the government wants to use him as a fall guy?

If the government can go after Nakoula for exercising his first amendment rights, the government can go after anyone at any time. The fact that the movie was used by violent people and the fact that it was base does not justify taking away the first amendment. Now that Nakoula has been threatened and intimidated, does it not send a chill through the air? Aren’t you afraid to post on YouTube?

When will Americans speak up?

While we are at it, why is Bill Maher escaping scrutiny? He mocks all religions equally because he knows it all, but he sure doesn’t let Islam escape his ridicule. He made a film called “Religulous” that portrays Islam in a very negative light to say the least.

Bill Maher donated a million dollars to Obama’s campaign while calling the Qur’an a hate-filled book so when are they going to drag him out of his home at 1:40 in the morning?

Obviously I don’t want Bill Maher dragged out of his home in the middle of the night but I also don’t want Nikoula dragged out of his home on a trumped up charge.

One has to wonder if the movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, was postponed because word was out about the turmoil it will cause in the Muslim world.