NJ Students Caught Playing Beer Pong Jews v. Nazi ‘Alcoholocaust’


nazi jew beer pong

Princeton high school students playing Nazi v. Jew beer pong are pictured above. The disgusting game has some people outraged but not all and it’s been around at least since February 2014.

New Jersey high school students were caught playing Jews vs Nazis ‘Alcoholocaust’ beer pong in which cups are arranged in Star of David and swastika formations.

A rules guide on drinkinggamezone.com gives Nazis the right to “blitzkrieg,” or shoot until they miss and to “Auschwitz,” or pick any Jewish player to sit out until another player on the team gets a ball in the other team’s cup. For its part, the Jewish team can “Anne Frank,” which allows them hide a cup off the table from the other team.

The game requires 60 cups of beer, many more than the a regular game of beer pong, and the photo of the high schoolers showed many empty and full cans of Coors Light on the ping-pong table.

A student saw it on Snapchat and blew the whistle.

Princeton schools superintendent Steve Cochrane said the game has “clearly anti-Semitic overtones.”

“As an individual and as the superintendent of the Princeton Public Schools, I am deeply upset that some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti-Semitic overtones and to broadcast their behavior over social media,’ Cochrane said in a statement, according to NJ.

“I know I’m not the only one who saw this Snapchat story,” Jamaica Ponder wrote.

“Yet here I am, the only one saying anything about it. I am unsure as to what’s worse: the static silence from my peers, or the fact that this happened in the first place.”

The media is posting this in local news publications. Maybe they should talk about the blatant anti-Semitism at our universities and across the world.

We are not teaching our children well. They have no idea what WWII was about and we will pay the price as a society.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. As terrible as the holocaust was, it also was not what WWII was about. No country entered WWII with the purpose of ending the holocaust, which wasn’t well known. WWII was about economic power and regional dominance.

    • Of course you’re right. I could have phrased that better. I wasn’t trying to say WWII was all and only about the Holocaust just that they didn’t know what WWII was all about. I was thinking about Hitler’s ideas on Aryan supremacy as well.

  2. What is anti-Semitic about this game? It’s a tad crass but who cares? I’m Jewish and give zero damns. This is more SJW BS, find a real problem to spend your time on.

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