NK Prepares to Launch & Japan threatens to Shoot It Down

NK Moves Missile Body to Launch Site

The AP reports that” Japan’s defense minister Friday ordered missile units to intercept a long-range rocket expected to be launched by North Korea if the rocket or its fragments threaten to hit Japan.”

They are now saying they will do it officially.

Naoki Tanaka, the Minister of Defense, said that he was given the go-ahead by Japan’s cabinet.

North Korea’s Unha-3 rocket is expected to fly past Japan and there is activity at the North Korean launch site.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura urged people to stay calm, saying the military is preparing “just in case.

“We don’t believe anything would fall over Japan’s territory. Please carry out your daily lives and business as usual,” he said.

The launch is seen as a diversion to take all eyes off Iran. It’s been symptomatic of Iran’s allies to distract the media and enemy nations.

Israel has been moving closer to a strike and as a result we see Iran getting help from its friends NK and Barack Obama, who continually leaks information such as the secret air bases in Azerbaijan.