No Evidence Russia Hacked Electoral Process

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a file photo.
Russian President Vladimir Putin in a file photo.

We are being told Russia hacked the electoral process but the only ones who have allegedly seen the evidence are Obama’s obedient servants currently in charge of the politicized CIA and Homeland Security.

The reason Barack Obama did nothing prior to these last days of Obama’s presidency is because the president is really moving to isolate his successor, not Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump is being bashed for not condemning Russia but he has yet to be given the evidence Russia hacked the electoral process. Congress also has not been briefed. The intelligence community refused to come before Congress.

There is evidence Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and others have launched cyber attacks on the U.S. government and companies for years but it is only now that Obama has reacted.

The left-wing media and politicians, even Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are blasting Russia for hacking Hillary’s and the DNC’s emails, but who has seen the evidence?

The report from the intelligence community on Russian hacking ordered by President Obama has not been presented.

There is no claim of Russia hacking voting machines although, according to a recent poll, 54% of Democrats believe Russia did hack the machines and the voting tallies.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra said it’s “very healthy” for President-elect Trump to be skeptical of “Russian hacking.”

“Oh, I think it’s very, very healthy for the president, I think it’s healthy for the intelligence community to be skeptical…to put pressure on the intelligence community to make sure that they put forward great information.”

“You know, again, them not being willing to brief Congress, I would be greatly concerned about what they’re saying and the information that they’re leaking out to the public if they’re not even willing to brief Congress.”

“So yes a healthy skepticism. Because these are very difficult issues, and the intelligence community in recent history has had a very mixed record of actually assessing and providing our leaders with the kind of information that they need to make decisions.”

“You know, they were wrong on Libya. They were wrong on Egypt. They’ve been wrong on Syria. They’ve been wrong on ISIS. So yes, intelligence and the people that I know in the intelligence community, they respect — they respect Congress and a president that challenges them to be the best that they can be.”

Barack Obama has begun punishing Russia and he is doing it all very publicly. Hopefully he is prepared for Russia’s retaliation, because that will come as Russia promised Thursday.

Lisa Monaco said the administration is expelling 35 intelligence officers and their families who have engaged in intel collections. 

The repercussions will be felt for years but Obama won’t have to deal with them.

Obama set up a convenient story after-the-fact about how he told Putin to “cut it out”, referring to the hacking, in September and made a “hot line” call in November, both of which he said were successful but now he says they were not successful.

Monaco was asked about the available intelligence and she again presented no evidence

“So, Jake, I think what you saw was earlier this fall an unprecedented statement from the DNI, from the secretary of homeland security, representing the full intelligence community, calling out and attributing clearly the highest levels of the Russian government as being responsible for interfering or attempting to interfere and sow confusion about our electoral system.”

“That was an unprecedented disclosure and attribution that happened earlier this fall. That’s clearly been stated on the record. What you also have is the president directing the intelligence community to issue a report to him before he leaves office that lays out not only the full accounting of what we understand the Russian government to have done in the 2016 election process but going back to 2008 and prior election processes.”

“And that’s because we face a very significant and serious threat from malicious cyber actors, state actors and others, and it’s important to have this laid out for the Congress and other stakeholders. That’s why the president directed that report be produced.”

Expelling these intel officers is an okay move, though it’s small and petty, but this is not even connected to the electoral process.

We could face years of cyber attacks in retaliation over these 11th hour actions by the president and we have not seen the proof. We are supposed to take their word for it after being lied to for eight years.

Creating these policies now, while he’s out the door, is too little too late.