No-Limits-Leftists Show up at Congressman King’s Home

A wing of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Vocal NY was responsible for the march, but the media didn’t notice anything but healthcare activists. They neglected to mention how small the group was.

Leftist, anarchist “demonstrations” are increasingly going beyond the safe, civil limits one would expect and hope for in a free society. Whether it’s been firebombing, window breaking, assaults, physically attacking a female college administrator, rioting against speakers with whom they disagree, or accosting U.S. cabinet members, these “protesters” are creating an increasingly volatile environment.

The next unhealthy step towards what could, and likely will lead to a dangerous situation was taken Wednesday on Long Island, when a group of angry people showed up in front of the private home of Congressman Peter King. This crew was literally within feet of our elected official’s front door, spewing their discontent over his vote for the American Health Care Act.

Many of the group were members of the Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition, afraid there would be cuts to Medicaid. Perhaps they were unaware the ObamaCare they so love just lost another huge provider, Aetna, and is rapidly, fiscally circling the drain. And that New York’s Medicaid spending is second only to much more populous California. And, the chances of any high profile, minority grievance group losing health coverage in the deep blue Empire State is between zero and -10.

But they could have and should have made their point marching in front of the Congressman King’s office, not steps away from where his family’s chosen to live. One of the surprises in the News 12 video is that this long serving representative resides in a very typical, middle class LI home, not some sprawling house in a gated community. Which makes this close encounter intrusion all the more troubling.

Weeks ago a group of LI “activists” took it upon themselves to descend on the home of a fellow who’d donated a significant sum of money to Donald Trump. Apparently, unhappy with simply protesting several times in front of his place of business, they creating an unsettling situation for him and his family. Guess the “thinking” was the whole clan had to be punished for the sin of giving their own money to a political candidate this mob didn’t, still doesn’t, and never will like.

These are some signs of big trouble looming.  It’s bad enough that a private citizen, his wife and children can be made targets because of their political beliefs. But in many respects it is even worse when the local residence of member of Congress is somehow gleaned and then set upon by an angry bunch of “activists”. There seems no end in sight to this escalation of no-limits leftism, and not a single good thing can come from any of it.

Editor’s Note: The group that organized the protest is a wing of the Revolutionary Communist Party and is supported by Mayor Bill De Blasio. The head of both groups appears to be Carl Dix.


  1. So here’s come provable “collusion” and it’s a witches’ brew made up of Democrats, anarchists, hard leftists, anti-American “activists”, & communists. The barbarians are at the gates, in front of Congressman Peter King’s home, and the media sees, hears, and reports no evil.

  2. I agree they should protest at his office, not his home. That’s wrong. However, Rep King could avoid all of this if he would actually try to listen to his constituents by having a town hall. Would it be tough? Absolutely but that’s why they exist-to listen to critical comments from constituents. Telephone town halls are a joke and cowardly.

  3. Because Communists would be satisfied by Congressman King having a town hall. Maybe the Trump donor who was harassed at his home should have a town hall as well. That will cause the anarchists to hand over their pitchforks.

    • Your entire post is ridiculous. So your premise is that congressmen and women should not hold town halls because of “communists,” which by the way you label everyone who disagrees with you. And relating that to Mercer? Go back to the drawing board buddy.

      • Did you even read the article & comment carefully? The comment was SPECIFIC to Peter King. There was absolutely no generalization about “everyone who disagrees with” me being labeled Communists. Fact is, in this case Carl Dix proudly wears that mantle and the picture shows he was clearly there. That is just a simple fact.
        Funny I never mentioned Mercer’s name. So you know of the incident and apparently approve? The point, see if you can follow along here, is that if holding a town hall would have saved Congressman King from “activists” at his front door, what option would have spared Mr. Mercer and his family from a similar frightening intrusion?

        • I wasn’t referring to the article but rather your posted comment. And no, I don’t think Mercer should be bothered at his home either. How did you draw that conclusion? Your emotions get in the way of your intellect, like much of the nonsense on this site.

          Bottom line, people have the right to protest in this country. Tea Party and hardliners did it to Obama for years and now it is happening to Trump and people backing him. Are you surprised? He is by far the most divisive president in our history, and sadly that will be his legacy (hopefully his only one).

          People like King need to listen to ALL constituents. The far right feel as though they’ve been ignored for years and now the left feels that way (and while Bush was POTUS). King and others listening to everyone may help bring us together. Compromise and dialogue is sadly missing in this country and just may destroy it. Everyone wants their way or the highway which will never work.

            • Nothing is wrong with me. Are you okay? Everyone should be listened too. I did not say the congressman should agree with them but everyone should have a voice.

          • But my comment referred directly to the article, as did my response to you. I cited facts. Your “argument” consisted of an “emotional” unfounded and unprovable supposition that I “label” as Communist anyone who disagrees with me. By that ridiculously broad, intellectually bereft criterion I would then be guilty of characterizing any beloved family & friends, with whom I happen to disagree, as Communists. Really?
            I agree completely that people have a right to protest & that the Tea Party along with others did it to Obama for years. But not with the accompanying level of violence and attacks on free speech (see college campuses) that we’ve seen to this point. How can you have compromise when one side is shutting the other side out of the discussion? Or town halls that produce unproductive shouting matches and an attendee so unhinged she’s arrested for chasing the congressman in her car?
            Focusing specifically on a benchmark for the most divisive president in American history, some might argue Abraham Lincoln…given the Civil War and all that.
            Re: Mr. Mercer. I went back to my drawing board & found the following. You knew his name although I’d never mentioned it, so you knew of the incident. Even though you knew of the incident you failed to denounce it. I gave you the benefit of the doubt by ending that particular sentence with a question mark.(?) Unlike you, I did not leap to an “emotional” conclusion absent compelling facts.
            Glad you cleared up that you “don’t think Mercer should be bothered at his home”. Congratulations.

  4. I agree that people have the right to protest Peacefully. But it just us NOT RIGHT to do it in front of a families home. That’s not right. His FAMILY has nothing to do with his vote. Secondly, people are jumping to conclusions! This bill is fantastic! It takes the funds FROM PPH, but that has been replaced by women’s care clinics that are all over the country! How can they complain if they have READ THE BILL???!!! I read it and I think it’s FAR better than Obama care! It will be great for my children and their family’s! It will be GREAT for people with limited incomes! It will be fantastic for women! I guess if YOU are all for abortion and killing unborn babies by the thousands, you might not like it, but hey, that does not fall under health CARE. There’s no CARE in abortion. Otherwise, everybody gets care under this bill! You may want to read about Aetna. Just sayin…..

  5. Protesting at an elected officials personal residence is very rarely done, if ever, according to my search. IMO, It is out of desperation and does support a higher degree of trepidation and thus possible violence coming from the Left. That is why they are doing it there.

  6. Jan Williams Your you need to learn how to search. So let me help you: Here is some Schumers home protest:
    And then there is this:
    Peter King is not special – –

    Communist really, LMAO, 1950s are over, there are new groups of people being used to fuel the fear and hate used to divide people.

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