No Medical Plane Was Sent to Benghazi, Nothing Scandalous Here



Photo of Benghazi consulate with bloody handprints 

While Glen Doherty, Ty Woods and David Ubben fought for their lives and the lives of the other Americans from a rooftop of the safe house, someone in DC made a decision not to send help. DC didn’t even send a medical plane to evacuate the wounded.

When the State Department heard Friday that there were complaints about a medical plane not being dispatched, they issued a statement that they were insulted anyone would say they didn’t do everything possible. Wouldn’t sending a medical plane have been the least they could do?

Texas congressman, Louis Gohmert, is pleading with the public to contact their representatives and demand a select committee to get to the bottom of it.

The blogroll on the right of this site has a link to the Senate and the House. Please consider sending an email or calling.

We can’t wait for Barack Obama. He thinks Benghazi is a phony scandal. His administration demanded the survivors sign non-disclosure agreements; he has no intention of revealing the truth behind Benghazi.