No More Cars-Big Brother Said So


No More Cars

We won’t be able to afford cars thanks to President Obama’s green vision. It also happens to be the communist/socialist/democratic socialist/UN vision for the world. And, it’s Michael Moore’s vision. Wow, what a coincidence! Read here: Michael Moore wants no more cars

“…Government and industry sources familiar with the discussions say that’s the number being floated by administration officials in the early rounds of negotiations on a 2017-2025 fuel economy standard. Just as an aside, take a look at Michelle’s big fat carbon footprint from her last $800,000 vacation – different set of rules for the elite. Read here: Michelle’s carbon footprint

The White House wants to boost fuel economy to reduce reliance on oil and cut down on global warming pollution.
In early 2009, it brokered a landmark agreement that required automobiles on average to get 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016 and set the first-ever standards for greenhouse gases from tailpipes.

A formal proposal is due in September. The change would increase the cost of vehicles, but that money would be recouped in fuel savings…” Read here: No more cars

Not for nothing, a carbon footprint for a gas and electric car often equal out over time depending on the region you live in. Read here: