No One Cared About Hacking until We found Out How Corrupt Liberals Are

Chinese hackers at work

US major government and military organizations are hacked all the time by endless numbers of foreign and domestic actors. Nothing was done to fix our cybersecurity. But let a privates organization like the DNC get hacked or careless John Podesta’s emails get hacked and all hell breaks loose.

Iranian hackers

John Podesta left his smart phone in a cab, he fell for a phishing incident and his password was ‘passwØrd”. Hillary put our state secrets on a personal server she kept in a bathroom. She and Huma left their phones on a bed in a hotel in China. Hillary sent her emails to all sorts of people without security clearance. Her maid printed out her classified documents.

If they were so important, why didn’t the FBI bother to collect the information, the servers, the computers, the flash drives, even the drives held by the Clinton lawyers?

The Sentinel went undercover and found the proof that Putin himself hacked Hillary's emails (just joshing' with ya)
The Sentinel went undercover and found the proof that Putin himself hacked Hillary’s emails (just joshing’ with ya)

We are hacked routinely  by Iranians, North Koreans, Chinese, Russians, possibly ISIS, Internet joyriders, among others.

Since 2009, they have attacked the US electoral grid, Pentagon’s Joint Strike Fighter Project, NASA, the Dept. of Energy, Federal Election Commisson, US postal service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin, White House, State Department, Dept of Defense, Internal Revenue Service, Office of Personnel Management.

North Koreans hack regularly.

Chinese hacked the OPM and obtained the personal information of over 21 million people in America.  The CIA breach was so serious, they had to move their offices.

These were dangerous breaches but there was no clamor and nothing was done. All the emails showed us was the corruption in the Democratic Party and the media but that gets attention.

No one cared until Hillary’s emails were stolen and we found out Hillary was corrupt, the DNC is corrupt and the media is corrupt and acts as an arm of the Democrat Party.

Obama and Congress said little or nothing about dangerous security breaches, but let a liberal party lose emails, and they become incensed.

Hillary was asking to be hacked and so was Podesta. They knew the risks and didn’t take precautions.

Wikileaks released operating procedures for US Army and detention camp at GITMO in 2007; classified US military video from 2007, helicopter attacks in Baghdad, US Afghanistan war logs, US Iraq war logs, US diplomatic cables in 2010; US GITMO files, US diplomatic cables in 2011; and Syrian government files in 2012.

McCain, chairman of the influential Senate Armed Services Committee, is making cyberwarfare a top priority after the emails were hacked. Where HAS HE BEEN FOR THE LAST 8 TO 10 YEARS?

The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explained during the Senate hearing Thursday that the election was not hacked.

“They did not change any vote tallies, or anything of that sort,” Clapper said. “We have no way of gauging — certainly the intelligence can’t gauge — the impact it had on the choices the electorate made. There’s no way for us to gauge to that. Whether or not that constitutes an act of war, I think is a very heavy policy call that I don’t believe the intelligence community should make. But it certainly would carry, in my view, great gravity.”

McCain said the U.S. has no strategy for cyber deterrence, but why didn’t he and his friend Lindsey Graham do nothing about it before? The prior breaches were far more serious.

“What seems clear is that our adversaries have reached a common conclusion that the reward for attacking America in cyberspace outweighs the risk,” McCain said. “For years, cyberattacks on our nation have been met with indecision and inaction. Our nation has no policy, and thus no strategy for cyber deterrence. This appearance of weakness has been provocative to our adversaries, who have attacked us again and again with growing severity. Unless we demonstrate that the costs of attacking the United States outweigh the perceived benefits, these cyberattacks will only grow.”

Where were they when NASA, the electrical grid, the OPM were hacked? But we hear them now? All hell breaks loose when a private organization is hacked?

It only matters when Hillary and the DNC are hacked.

Russians hack us, every foreign country with a reason attempts to hack us and President Obama has not done a thing about it.


  1. People, ask Jon Snowden this question and I think that the answer is that the only ones that cared are the same ones who still care about preventing hackers. I say it was Snowden who showed Russia on how to hack America in the first place and if you people think that Putting (lol) is the better person then vote for him as President already, God Bless.

    • Snowden took the data directly from the equipment. He had physical access to it all. He did not hack.

      All the powers are trying to hack all the other powers. Recall, Obama wiretapped the phones of the leaders of our allies.

      I think Putin is the greatest opponent of terrorism in the world. Between Obama & Putin, I do think Putin is the better person.

  2. Nothing to this, until the humiliating Truth came out , to prove how totally irresponsible, and corrupt the Democrats were, cheating. lying ,stealing. Things we all knew, but, thanks to Julian Assange, we had proof, in all of it’s ugliness. Instead of retreating with shame, the Democrats, as per usual, try to pin the blame on anyone, but themselves. “Sure, the Russians ate my Homework, too”

  3. IF the Russian Government actually did anything that helped Trump get elected then I’m grateful, and want to send them a fruit basket!

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