No One’s Denying U.S. Will Give Signing Bonus to Ayatollah Nuke Team


Iran will probably get $30 billion to $50 billion immediately as a signing bonus. If true, Khamenei’s terror team will get an immediate infusion of cash that will raise their GDP more than 10% instantly, making relief from sanctions somewhat moot though the Iranians demand that too.

Iran will supposedly not develop a bomb for about ten to thirteen years under this deal, after which they can do as they please. Since there will be no inspections of military sites unless John Kerry can come up with something “creative”, we won’t know if they are doing it sooner.

On Tuesday, Energy Secretary Moniz said the U.S. has known for years that Iran is two to three months from having a bomb, despite Mr. Obama has been saying something quite different.

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said recently that Iran will sell enriched uranium right away “to make some money from it.”

Iran is allowed to enrich uranium and build intercontinental ballistic missiles under the deal.

Arms race, here we come!

The Wall Street Journal broke the story about the signing bonus of somewhere between $30 to $50 billion according to congressional officials briefed by the administration.

Iran will also continue to fund terrorism around the world, especially in Yemen. They are claiming control of Yemen and are looking to take control of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Iran also is a major supporter of the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, the Assad regime in Syria and a group of Shiite militias fighting in Iraq.”

Hezbollah wants war with the U.S.

PJ Media posted an open letter to Obama yesterday from Ayatollah Khamenei’s nephew, Dr.Mahmoud Moradkhani, pleading with him to not sign the nuclear deal. You can read that here.

Everyone seems to know it’s a bad deal except for Obama.

This video has Marie Harf saying nothing when asked about the signing bonus.

According to the Tehran Times, U.S. carmakers can’t wait to do business with Iran. They’ve already started negotiations. Apple has been negotiating with them since last fall though there are already 11 Apple stores in Tehran.

The Ayatollah continues his insults on Twitter.

One of his many insults. Go team Nuke!