No Straight White Men Allowed at This Conference!


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This story comes to us from the Daily Mail. The  University and College Union, a British trade union, is banning white, straight, able-bodied men from – of all things – an equality conference.

The union has around 116,000 members and is the largest further and higher education union in the world.

To be part of most of the discussions, members must declare their “protected characteristic” such as gay, handicapped, female, minority. White, straight, able-bodied men are fair game with no protections whatsoever in this insane world we now live in so they have very limited participation.

If they can’t find something about themselves that’s “protected” or just lie about it, they won’t be able to go to some of the discussions and certainly not the “safe spaces.”

It sounds like the white guys who like women need safe spaces the most because in this day of the Pajama Boy, they have no place.

These lecturers were elected to the positions by their union branch.

The absurdity of an equality conference without equality, just hand-wringing victimization and separatism, did not go unnoticed. Emma-Jane Philips who sits on the equality committee told Times Higher Education magazine: “It is ridiculous that people who regard equality as their life can’t attend our equality conference.”

It seems equality in this day and age is about making us unequal and marginalizing the majority.

Will the insanity end before we destroy our cultures?