Noah, a Biblical Movie for Atheists and Environmental Extremists


The  new movie “Noah” might very well bomb as well it should. It deliberately distorts the message of the bible to send a secular message. In fact, it portrays the story of Noah in a profane manner.

Hollywood’s version of Noah has been made into an atheistic plaything.

Director Darren Aronfsky is an atheist who insisted that the Paramount studio keep the movie as least biblical as possible.  He told the UK Telegraph that “Noah is the least biblical biblical movie ever made.”

Hollywood’s Noah is about violence, hatred, murder and the need for environmental extremism.

It doesn’t even mention God anywhere in the film. It mentions a creator but that doesn’t mean God. Noah is depicted as a vicious murderer, not admirable at all.

They portray Noah as the “first environmentalist”, according to Aronofsky, and the “creator”, as they put it, is probably closer to Mother Nature than to God.

The studio has put a disclaimer on the film which says it was “inspired by the story of Noah… artistic licence has been taken”.  And it adds, for anyone who finds it difficult to identify the source material: “The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.”

Thanks for that Paramount.

A number of countries such as Qatar, UAE, Indonesia, Bahrain, they are not distributing this movie because it’s a distorted version of Noah.

Russell Crowe tried to have a private audience with the Pope on a recent visit to Rome and failed. Crowe even beg-tweeted the Pope to watch this “fascinating “film. The Vatican said the Pope would not meet with Crowe nor would he watch the film.

Here are his Twitter stalking comments:

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