Noam Chomsky Is a Boring Old Commie


noam chomsky Photo of Noam Chomsky, a small man with a big ego and lots of admirers

Instead of eating lunch, I got to listen to Noam Chomsky at the 9th annual Left Forum conference at Pace University. This is my third post about the conference today. I believe it is important for the right-wing to know what the left is doing.

Chomsky is unhappy about the US experiencing a loss of power in the world which he blames in part on Obama’s war on terror. Obama is not far left enough for him.

He said there is Capitalism, a monopolized, too-big-to-fail system, and there is the Really existing Capitalist Democracy – RECD.

He said the poor are disenfranchised and the elite are getting what they want in our society. He is concerned about the too-big-to-fail banks. The economy – debt, deficit, and lack of jobs – will bring us to economic collapse.

Chomsky thinks fossil fuels and resources should stay in the earth, we should defend ourselves by not defending ourselves, climate change is about to wipe us out, bankers are about to cause an economic collapse, Republicans are dangerous, and we are miserable Imperialists.

America is responsible for the upcoming climate disaster, the upcoming economic  collapse, and the terror throughout the world.

Threats of nuclear war are real and that’s our fault too. He wants a nuclear-free zone.

It should prove as effective as a gun-free zone which attracts the criminals who know they will be met without resistance.

He was critical of Israel for discounting the idea of a nuclear-free zone and for skipping the meeting to discuss it. He seemed impressed that Iran agreed to come to such a conference and was very unimpressed that Obama backed out of the meeting.

The ruling elite will not abide by the will of the people, he said.

Chomsky believes we have a country of Monarch Republicans who now call themselves Democrats and Republicans who cater to corporations and the rich.

He deplores Nativists, the religious right, those who are afraid of Shariah law and so on.

Chomsky says Obama is too far away from real Democracy which he seems to believe is Progressivism.

The public is being kept in the dark and are bewildered spectators.

Privatization is destroying the world in his world view. He loves the entitlement state.

My battery is running out so I will have to stop but I will say this – Chomsky speaks in a monotone voice without taking a breath and he is just another boring old commie.