North Carolina Voter Fraud Could Lift Race-Baiter Kay Hagan Over The Top



Kay Hagan has a small lead in the North Carolina Toss Up race against Thom Tillis thanks to scare tactics painting Tillis as a racist and an Uncle Thom. One of her Super-PACs put out a radio ad last week falsely accusing Tillis of passing laws making it difficult for “people of color” to vote. The laws are the same for everyone but Hagan never lets the truth get in her way.

The race is still well within the margin of error according to real clear politics.

She might also win because of voter fraud.

Last week, Project Veritas Action released a video with investigative journalists using hidden cameras showing multiple campaign workers willing to assist illegal immigrants voting for Senator Kay Hagan.

In Part II of the North Carolina series, Project Veritas Action President James O’Keefe shows how easy it is to obtain someone else’s ballot.

This explains why AG Holder doesn’t want voter ID laws in North Carolina. The states and towns with the weakest voter laws are the ones that have the biggest problem with voter fraud.


Within hours, they were only a signature away from casting nearly a busload of illicit votes.

Kay Hagan is dishonest: