North Korea Dreams of Bombing New York City

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

North Korea recently released a propaganda film about a man dreaming of a missile launched from North Korea hitting a city in the United States, a city which appears to be New York:


As we speak, North Korea is moving mobile missile launchers around the country with a new and powerful generation of rocket.

It appears that Kim Jong-un is planning to hit the United States one day, this according to US intelligence.

The missile, the KN-08, may not be ready for a while, but the US is reassessing what N. Korea might be capable of.

Leon Panetta recently spoke to American troops about his increasing worry that another, longer-range N. Korean missile was tested successfully last month and reached the Phillipines. In fact, North Korea has the capability of reaching Hawaii.

“Who the hell knows what they’re going to do from day to day?” Mr. Panetta said. “And right now, you know, North Korea just fired a missile. It’s an intercontinental ballistic missile, for God sakes. That means they have the capability to strike the United States.”

North Korea and Iran are allies and have worked cooperatively on missile development. Egypt is forming an alliance with Iran. It will be one big happy family.

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