North Korea Imprisons An American Tourist Over a Bible -Unsurprising


We’ve given our enemies no reason to fear us diplomatically, economically, militarily, or even in the arena of public opinion.

The tried and true doctrine of “peace through strength” doesn’t work after an American president lies shamelessly through a myriad of personal scandals, when his words mock all logic and respect for truth, when he exhibits the lack of a moral compass at home and a lack of vision abroad.  We now have a president who negotiates with terrorists and accedes to the demands of hostage-takers and enemy combatants.


Respect for America blows away like smoke in the wind as Obama consistently leads from behind and aligns himself with world bullies — when he appeases evil and abandons Israel and our NATO allies in Europe.

The world laughs as Obama’s foreign policy has transmuted into a weakly uttered: “Try not to do any stupid stuff.”

The enemies of freedom and peace do not fear us when our president tries to bluff his way through a muddled foreign policy of meaningless “red lines” drawn in Syria where a hundred and sixty thousand or more are murdered in a continuing bloody civil war.

America is disparaged by our own president who apologizes to the world for the very values and exceptionalism we hold dear — a president who bows before sultans and slavers.

Obama has dragged America down into the muck and mire of the wrong side of history by supporting the tyrannical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt — and before that by his cowardly call for an end to the popular street protests in Iran.  On full display before our friends and foe is Obama’s disgraceful show of spineless inaction as a response to the murder of four Americans in Libya.

Vladimir Putin laughs openly at Obama’s feckless “Twenty-first Century” scolding of Russia’s “Twentieth Century” annexation of Crimea and its aggression along eastern Ukraine.  Mexico looks scornfully down its nose as Obama utters not a word of protest over our Marine sergeant being held and who had bcen hained and tortured in a Mexican jail.

The world watches — both our friends and our enemies — as North Korea and China have risen from the ranks of “petty thugs and paper tigers” — risen up through the void of American power and influence — as Obama does little more than wag a finger at them over their displays of bold aggression against South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Do we wonder now why North Korea has seized another American?

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