Nose Biting Poll Worker Captured


Poll worker James N. Williams of Cleveland became angry with a woman who was holding a sign supporting a local judge outside the polling place. Williams claimed she was less than the required 100 ft. from the entrance. The encounter was heating up when, a Good Samaritan, Greg Flanagan, interceded out of fear for the woman’s safety. That really sent Williams off the rails. James Williams then head butted the interceder, Flanagan, and tried to bite his nose off, until another poll worker pulled him off.

What precipitated the violence was when the victim, Greg Flanagan, told Williams, to “not act like an ass.” Williams then went on to prove Flanagan’s point by acting like an ass.

Continuing his asinine behavior, he did not man up and he fled the scene as if everyone wouldn’t know how to find him. He was captured and sent off to jail for misdemeanor assault. I suppose it would have been a felony if Williams succeeded in his mission of biting off the man’s nose, but maybe not, because we do live in the new America where up is down.

Victim Greg Flanagan