Not Every Victim of a Gun Crime Wants to Take Our Guns Away


There is a renewed push to force stringent gun control regulations on Americans and some victims of gun crimes want to take everyone’s gun rights away,. The gun control activists want to disarm innocent Americans because they see it as a path to eradicating all guns in America. This is at a time when criminal illegals are being let loose on our streets and anarchy is being encouraged by the administration.

The parents of Alison Parker, one of two reporters shot and killed this week by a deranged leftist, are on a mission to restart the anti-gun campaign.

Andy and Barbara Parker

Her distraught parents, Andy and Barbara Parker, pictured above, are committed to ending gun violence and they have pledged to be unrelenting. “…we cannot be intimidated, we cannot be pushed aside,” Barbara Parker told CNN.

The irony is her daughter was killed by a deranged, racist leftist and her death had nothing to do with gun culture. The killer would have been just as happy to use a machete. Do they think he wouldn’t have killed her if he didn’t have a gun?

The killer purchased two legally-owned guns. What law would have stopped him?

Mr. Parker said he will have to buy a gun now that he has decided to become an outspoken proponent of tougher gun laws. This is the same as Gabby Giffords and her husband buying guns for themselves while trying to push stringent gun regulations. It’s the same as people like Bloomberg having slews of armed guards.

They prove the point of gun rights advocates.

The gun control advocates are relentless. It’s like a religion for them.

There are victims who place the blame where it belongs – on the evil killer.

Jack Dempsey’s stepdaughter was murdered in 2014. He doesn’t blame guns.

Mr. Dempsey said that in the end “it’s the act of one guy at a crazy moment who changed the lives of a lot of people and you can’t legislate that.”

“My grief and our family’s grief doesn’t trump everybody else’s rights, doesn’t trump the Constitution. Bad things happen and sometimes there’s nothing you can do.” he said.