Now Bannon Might Sue President Trump, He Has “Lost His Mind”


Steve Bannon is threatening to sue President Trump for defamation according to Attorney Mark Geragos. This is after Bannon allegedly made defamatory comments about Trump to the sleazy author of a new book, Fire and Fury.

Prior to this, President Trump’s attorneys had sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bannon with the suggestion it would be followed by a lawsuit.

Bannon must have a career death wish.

Axios reports that Bannon was going to release a positive statement about Donald Trump Jr. when the President released his strong statement lambasting Bannon. Bannon still could release a statement but hasn’t. Perhaps the fact that his conversations were recorded by Wolff is the reason why.

Wolf also claims he has taped recordings of other top officials and spent time in Reince Priebus’ office. He allegedly has taped Katie Walsh who was let go months back and who is suspected of leaking.

Mike Allen, co-founder of Axios, said Wolff has “dozens of hours of tapes” of interviews with staffers “that’s going to make it so hard for these people who have been captured with these embarrassing and revealing comments to now deny them.” A lot of them thought they were talking off the record, Allen said.

He added that Bannon thinks he can come back from this and even manage Trump’s next campaign [he was probably kidding but who knows]. Lots of luck with that!

According to Matt Drudge, Bannon has a new backer now that the Mercers have abandoned him and he might get fired from Breitbart.

According to a 2017 New York Times article covering Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit with Trump in Mar-a-Lago, FL: He is a billionaire who made his fortune in real estate. He has been called a narcissist. He posts to Twitter — incessantly — about politics and his battles against the media. Lately, he has been spending time at a Florida resort named Mar-a-Lago.

Then there is this:

Meanwhile, most of the commenters on articles at Breitbart are anti-Bannon with some saying he’s dead to them.