Nuclear Proliferation Expert: Iran deal is “the single greatest strategic mistake in the national security area


Nuclear proliferation expert Ambassador Robert Joseph told lawmakers Wednesday that from a nonproliferation perspective and if the Iranian nuclear deal is as described by the White House. and the Iranian leadership, then it is “the single greatest strategic mistake in the national security area in the past 35+ years of my career and this includes some real blunders.”

The White House and the New York Times will say it’s historic and it will be “historic,” he said. “It will be a historic blunder.”

Does anyone still believe this is a real deal? This is a fake deal so Mr. Obama can promote his fake legacy and put the Iranian problem off on the next president.

Iran is spending billions to finance terrorism and to increase hegemony in the region. At the end of this deal, they could have $150 billion to promote terrorism. They will get as much as $20 billion instantly.

There is no possibility of snapbacks. None. Russia and China have already checked out thanks to this president’s lame negotiations. Businesses are lining up at Iran’s door. Serious damage has already been done.

Iran has said they will sell their nuclear material to anyone. They are already doing it but now they will have a free and open market.

Iran is a dangerous enemy and this deal allows them to get the bomb. It will or already has started an arms race.

This deal is a bonanza for the Iranians and I’m sure these terrorists can’t believe their good fortune.

Ambassador Robert Joseph is a preeminent scholar on nuclear proliferation. He was ambassador, U.S.-Russian consultative commission on nuclear testing, US Department of Defense, Washington.

His credentials are extensive and impressive. This is the short list:

He is a senior scholar at the National Institute for Public Policy and professor at Missouri State University. He was the United States Special Envoy for Nuclear Nonproliferation, with ambassadorial rank.[2] Prior to this post, Joseph was the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, a position he held until January 24, 2007.[3] Joseph is known for being instrumental in creating the Proliferation Security Initiative and as the architect of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism. He was also the US chief negotiator to Libya in 2003 who convinced the Libyans to give up their WMD programs. He also recently authored a book describing his experience in negotiating with Libya entitled “Countering WMD.” [Wiki]