Nullification: The Duty and Right of the States



KrisAnne Hall

Constitutional lawyer, KrisAnne Hall, believes that the last chapter of Obamacare has not been written. The 10th Amendment clearly states that the federal government can only assume those powers delegated to them. Obamacare violates states rights and essentially “overturns the purpose of the Constitution.”

Thomas Jefferson has an answer for this – nullification. “It is the States declaring, ‘The federal government is NOT our master, the States and the people are the masters of the Constitution and we do not have to, nor will we comply!’”

via KrisAnne Hall

After perceiving a long train of usurpations of power by the federal government, which culminated in legislation known as Obamacare many Americans took to the streets in protest.  They appealed to the Legislature to no avail. The legislation ultimately made its way to the Supreme Court.

We then witnessed a colossal rewriting of our founding documents in the majority opinion to the Obamacare mandate.

Justice John Roberts in a few lines pulled down the pillars of the Republic and set us on the path to totalitarianism.

Nearly half of the population rightfully regards this legislation as extending far beyond the enumerated powers of the federal government.

The truth is, not only should the Sates be able to deal with their own health insurance issues, but the federal government has no legitimate authority to rule by such dictates.  Yet, many who vowed to fight it “to the end” have now acquiesced and declared that it must be submitted to as “the law of the land.”  So is this the end?

Since SCOTUS made its declaration from on high, must we now bow to an all-powerful government, from which no area of our daily life is off-limits?  Or is there a remedy yet remaining?  Can the States legitimately resist federal law or is this “treasonous” as some have suggested?…keep reading…