NY Board of Regents Has Its Own Nightmarish DREAM Act Coming



The NY Board of Regents Chancellor and State Education Commissioner John King urged Congress to pass the DREAM Act last month. Now the Regents are writing their own draft of legislation which would enable students, who came here illegally before age 16, and who have lived here two years, to receive grants and scholarships and practice any profession here.

Some state bills go further and enable them to get driver’s licenses and use our health care benefits.

It doesn’t matter that the Regents bill is less troublesome because, once in, it will include ever more benefits.

California, Rhode Island, Connecticut have all passed similar legislation. These are the liberal states with enormous budget deficits who are bleeding the nation dry and pushing us into an entitlement European style society, which is currently blowing up the EU.

It’s allegedly an investment in our economy, according to State Assemblyman Guillermo Linares, a co-sponsor of the New York DREAM Act. How about investing in our citizens Guillermo?

My children weren’t eligible for many grants and they are still paying loans off, but illegals will have far greater privileges than they did at the expense of taxpaying citizens. Does that make sense?

I have another question, why have any path to citizenship? We’re making everyone a citizen. While the Board isn’t recommending citizenship at this point, that will come next because, of course, it’s too hard for them to get a job and do what they need to do.

Basically, the DREAM Act is a call to all illegals, and you know they come from all countries, not just South America and Mexico, to bring their children here and get even more freebies. It affects at least 345,000 students in NY according to HuffPo and that is an underestimation.

We have rich people from Europe making arrangements to have their babies in NY hotels so their children are citizens and eligible for our social services. Now they can get free money for an education as well. This is nuts people.