NY Common Core Is Teaching 5-Year Olds About the Code of Hammurabi



The New York State Education Department wants five-year olds to learn about Mesopotamia when they don’t even understand what a town is. Why don’t we teach them advanced nuclear physics too while we are at it?

The New York State Education Department people think five-year olds should know all about Early World Civilizations. I kid you not.

The New York State Education department has a website – Engage NY – that is meant to help instructors and parents understand and implement the Common Core goals in order to get children through the massive bureaucratic testing.

If you want to see age-inappropriate in action, this is the place. Whoever wrote these goals hasn’t any idea about the developmental levels of a five-year old.

For example, Grade 1 ELA includes “…learning Early World Civilizations.” It would be nice if the five and six year olds learned about US towns, cities, and states first but we are globalists now after all.

Here are some of the concepts the children are supposed to get from their picture books:

  1. Locate the area known as Mesopotamia on a world map or globe and identify it as part of Asia;
  2. Explain the importance of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and the use of canals to support farming and the development of the city of Babylon;
  3. Describe the city of Babylon and the Hanging Gardens;
  4. Identify cuneiform as the system of writing used in Mesopotamia;
  5. Explain why a written language is important to the development of a civilization;
  6. Explain the significance of the Code of Hammurabi;
  7. Explain why rules and laws are important to the development of a civilization;

There’s more but you get the idea.

I know you don’t believe me so click the link and read if for yourself.

If you do read the material on the Engage NY site, you will find that it’s all about the tests. The children will live and breathe the assessments – the data driven assessments.

The Core and the testing have been written by eggheads with no common sense who haven’t a clue about child development and who don’t believe in using the research gathered over the last 100 years.

Common Core is a disaster in New York but it has been embraced by Governor Cuomo along with the $700 million from Race to the Top Stimulus funds and corporation grants. It will be hard to get rid of it even though it is crashing and burning. Let’s hope Governor Cuomo comes to his senses.