NY Islamic Day Parade for American Traitors


Quote of the day: Islam! Islam! Allah Akbar! The Message is loud and clear!

NYPD marched happily as the black flag of Al Qaeda flew and Imams talked about a worldwide Sharia’h Law to ban insults against Mohammed by criminalizing blasphemy, and at least one mom crowed about the unborn martyrs we have in our wombs. She might as well be put on a Child Abuse Watch list now.

I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to have the NYPD march – King Bloomberg perhaps? The media was almost invisible though there were articles here-and-there calling it a peace and love event.

Watch the film, you’ll love it:

And there is more:

I have this little slideshow for you so you never have to wonder why only Democrats win in NYC though we had one hero Democrat who was the Grand Marshall and left the stage:

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