NY Journal News Puts Non-Gun Owners in Harm’s Way – Update


Gun Owners

Update: 1/3/13: The Journal News Editor was concerned about the amount of “negative correspondence” they were receiving and hired armed guards for their Rockland County office. Oh, the irony.

Officials in one county, Putnam County, are refusing to give the names and addresses to the Journal News and suggested to the Editor that her time would be better spent gathering the names and addresses of people who have been charged with illegal gun possession.

Update: 1/2/13: After the publication of gun owners personal information by the Journal, some ingenious person acquired and posted the names and addresses of the staff at the Journal. Apparently, they received threats and have hired armed guards. I think they should hire unarmed guards to be true to their “values.”


The New York Journal News published the names of licensed gun owners in their local area. The paper included an interactive map of gun owners and also listed the type of gun’s they own. The News said its readers are interested in having this information.

This puts people who own guns in a terrible light with community members who are opposed to guns. The insinuation by the paper is that gun owners are dangerous or potential mass killers.

The map was a great idea [irony here]. The map gives criminals a list of homes where guns can be stolen. Far more serous is the fact that these fools gave criminals a map of which home owners are sitting ducks because they don’t own guns.

Apparently, it is legal for the paper to do it through FOIA. [HuffPo and Journal News]