NY Newsday Lies About IPAB! Seniors Should Take the Red Pill or Blue Pill!



Newsday’s Calvin Woodward tried to fact check Romney’s speech last night but had to play with the truth to do it. His article is on p. A4 today.

During the debate, Romney said that IPAB puts an unelected board in place that is ultimately going to tell people what kind of treatments they can have. He said he doesn’t like that idea.

Woodward’s perversion of the truth: IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) can force Medicare cuts if costs rise to a certain level and Congress fails to act. He then says that the board is explicitly prohibited from rationing care, shifting costs to retirees, restricting benefits, or raising the Medicare eligibility age. Therefore they can’t tell doctors what treatments they can prescribe.

The real truth: Where do you think these cuts are going to come from really? They are going to cut payments to doctors and hospitals as they are already doing. Hospitals just got hit with fines for admitting the same Medicare patients too frequently in a one month period. Some seniors will die if we allow this to continue.

If the payments to doctors and hospitals are cut  – payments are already ridiculously low – tell me what doctor will take a Medicare patient or prescribe some expensive treatment if he continually loses money on them? Are they supposed to work for nothing? The same goes for hospitals.

Obama wants to force doctors to do it though he pulled back on that for now. Obama has also talked about setting doctor’s salaries. How many people do you think will go into personal care medicine?

Woodward, in his fashioning of the truth, left out other facts about IPAB, the unelected board of 15 “experts,” who will be chosen by Sebelius and Obama or whoever is in office. The IPAB board will have absolute power over congress. If they present an edict to congress, it AUTOMATICALLY becomes law. They are a rogue government unto themselves. This gives tremendous power to the Executive Branch. They are financial dictators.

IPAB gives unlimited power to these 15 unelected “experts,” thereby giving that power to one President, one party. They answer to no one but the President.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has the power to award money if she deems it appropriate.

IPAB can raise taxes!

There is no judicial review or any review of patients’ cases by IPAB, NONE! In the cases involving insurance companies, we can seek redress through the courts with hearings and so forth, not so with IPAB.

By 2017, if IPAB is not repealed, it is written into Obamacare that IPAB can never be dissolved.

IPAB is a super legislative power, undermining our Congress, our Constitution, our Republic.

Woodward agreed with Obama that Romney has not been specific enough in saying which tax breaks he would eliminate to pay for the lower rates.

The reality is that Romney will not act alone as Obama does. He will work with the Congress. He currently does not know who will comprise that congress. As someone who will not rule by executive orders and rules, Romney cannot yet describe the exact shape and form it will take.

Romney did give a number of specifics. He said it would be similar to Simpson-Bowles but he has his own plan, one he will work out with the legislative body. They want him to say he will cut the mortgage deduction so they can ruin him. The mortgage deduction is something Obama wants to eliminate. Romney was very clear that he will not hurt the middle class.

Obama cannot work with a legislative body as we can clearly see. He will not even allow any budget but his own for consideration. He has spent $6 trillion deficit dollars without a budget his entire time in office because he can’t work with people.

What is Obama’s plan? To keep spending and taxing?

Romney worked with a Massachusetts legislature that was 80% Democratic. He has a better chance of getting congress to work again than Obama who has a record of failure in this area.

When Medicare costs go up, do you really think IPAB will let the Mrs. Strum’s of the world live?