NY Politicians Accused of Trying to Buy Mayoral Election

Dan Halloran, City Councilman
Dan Halloran, City Councilman

City councilman Dan Halloran were arrested on fraud and bribery charges of attempting to rig the mayoral election and get state senator Malcolm Smith on the ballot. State senator Malcolm Smith will be charged by the FBI today.

Smith, a Democrat from Queens, was to be placed on the GOP ballot through a rigged scheme. This is very ironic if true given that he is the man who promised to “redistrict Republicans out of existence.”

Halloran said he has no idea why he was arrested. His arrest is ironic also since he is a paganist who acted as an attorney for the Pagan Pride Project. All those norse gods guiding him and he still didn’t feel any compunctions? I’m not making fun of paganists, just this paganist, if he’s guilty of course.

Others were arrested and/or being investigated as well. Read the full story at the NY Post.

There was a meeting between Halloran and a government informant on Sept. 7 at a Manhattan restaurant. It was the same government informant who met with Smith on March 21st. The meetings were for the purpose of exchanging money and planning a scheme to get Smith elected as mayor or NY.

Just to give you an idea of the level of corruption, Halloran said – allegedly – that it takes big bucks to get NY’s big government moving:

“That’s politics, that’s politics, it’s all about how much,” Halloran said, according to the criminal complaint.

“Not about whether or will, it’s about how much, and that’s our politicians in New York, they’re all like that, all like that.”

Halloran allegedly added: “You can’t get anything without the f–king money.”

The meeting ended with Halloran receiving $7,500 cash bribe from the feds’ cooperating witness, according to the complaint.

“Money is what greases the wheels — good, bad or indifferent,” Halloran allegedly remarked.

Senator Smith, will he be redistricted out of politics?
Senator Smith, will he be redistricted out of politics?

Smith insisted on seeing clear returns for his role in the scheme, according to prosecutors.

US Attorney Preet Bharara said:

“Today’s charges demonstrate, once again, that a show-me-the-money culture seems to pervade every level of New York government. The complaint describes an unappetizing smorgasbord of graft and greed involving six officials who together built a corridor of corruption stretching from Queens and the Bronx to Rockland County and all the way up to Albany itself.”

“As alleged, Senator Malcolm Smith tried to bribe his way to a shot at Gracie Mansion – Smith drew up the game plan and Councilman Halloran essentially quarterbacked that drive by finding party chairmen who were wide open to receiving bribes. After the string of public corruption scandals that we have brought to light, many may rightly resign themselves to the sad truth that perhaps the most powerful special interest in politics is self-interest.

“We will continue pursuing and punishing every corrupt official we find, but the public corruption crisis in New York is more than a prosecutor’s problem.”

Read the indictment at scribd.com