NY School District Bans National Guard T-Shirt With a Gun Image


A New York School District  banned a National Guard T-Shirt because it had a gun image on it.

A National Guard recruiter was barred from distributing promotional T-shirts at a New York high school after teachers realized they featured the silhouette of a soldier holding a rifle.

A recruiter for the New York Army National Guard was at Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School on Friday handing out T-shirts that say “National Guard” across the top, with the silhouette of a solider holding a gun in front of the American flag, a local CBS affiliate reported.

National Guard shirt

This is the National Guard. They’re not promoting violence. When the terrorists come knocking, I’m sure they would rather have a gun held by the National Guard. The school is banning reality.

Students were told to turn the shirts inside out and the recruiter was told to stop handing the shirts out. Some of the students refused to comply because they said it was disrespectful of the recruiter, which it was – very. The kids have more sense than the administrators.

They couldn’t ignore it this one time?

The National Guard said they are happy to comply with the school’s dress code and will replace the shirts.