NY Senator Wants Online Voter Registration to Corrupt The Vote



Harry Reid’s favorite senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, the ‘hottest’ one in Congress.

It’s not enough that Democrats want to eliminate photo ID for voter registration, now they want to force all states to allow voter registration on computers, smartphones iPads. If minorities are incapable of acquiring photo ID, how are they supposed to register on a computer?

We’ll have Chinese and Russian communists voting eventually because we have to make it so very easy to vote.

The Democrats seem to think states rights are irrelevant and that the federal government – which is doing such a bang-up job – should be able to mandate the states to do whatever it is they want.

She put in legislation to force 23 states that don’t have online registration to establish one. Never mind the cost!

Her legislation doesn’t end there. The bill expands enrollment access in states that have online systems by making them open to all eligible voters without requiring a state-issued ID. That would open up online registrations, she says, to more young people, seniors, and minorities. She forgot to mention illegal voters.  The double-checking the states do would be eliminated. There is no need to do this and it only allows more illegal voting.

She said it will ease the burden of registering. Again, I ask, if they are too incompetent to obtain a photo ID, how does she expect them to use a computer?

New York politicians are very dangerous to the nation.

More information at CBS Local