NY Times Discovers a TYPO, That’s Right! A TYPO Cost Hillary the Election


The Democrat Party has found another excuse for Hillary’s failure to win the presidency and, no, it’s not that fact that she is crooked and lies constantly. It’s the fault of a Podesta aides’s typo! That’s right. Not her’s or Podesta’s typo, an aide’s.

If it weren’t for a typo, we would have Madam President and Newsweek wouldn’t have had to trash all those magazine covers. At least they are suggesting this is why she lost the election.

A Hillary Clinton aide said he made a typo that led to the email hack which plagued Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign through its final months.

Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta fell victim to a cyberattack earlier this year when hackers breached his email account through a phishing message that purported to be from Gmail, telling him to change his password immediately because a third party had attempted to log into his account.

Podesta typed his password in!!!

Before Podesta took action, an aide that had access to his account saw the email purporting to be from Google and forwarded it to a computer technician asking if it was legitimate.Charles Delavan, a Clinton campaign aide, replied with a fatal typo.

“This is a legitimate email,” Delavan replied. “John needs to change his password immediately.”

Delavan told The New York Times in a story published Tuesday that he had meant to type that it was an “illegitimate” email, but accidentally typed “legitimate” instead.

How long did it take for them to come up with that idiotic excuse? Even if that were true, who gives their password away in an email link except for someone unfamiliar with computer emails?

Podesta also left his phone in a cab and Hillary and Huma left their phones on a bed in a Chinese hotel, among other faux pas in their handling of security.

The report made sure to mention the phishing email was tied to some Russian criminals.

Maybe the left should concentrate on petting their therapy dogs and accept the election results. These people are directly” threatening our democracy”. It’s what “accountability looks like.”