NY Times Hit Piece: Conservatives Who Collude with Rubio – More Leftist Poppycock


Gang of Eight

The New York Times is working hard to turn people against one another.

Before anyone accepts the NY Times story out today, Marco Rubio Pushed for Immigration Reform With Conservative Media, wait to hear the responses from those they’ve named and don’t forget there is a war on conservatism, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and GOP candidates.

People are tweeting and facebooking that Rubio and Fox colluded to manipulate the public on amnesty. They gleaned this from the article that actually says nothing but suggests a lot.

The article says Rubio colluded with Fox News to fool the public on the amnesty portion of the 2013 immigration bill. It also suggests they influenced hosts like Rush Limbaugh.

The failing paper is a very unreliable, leftist publication that has been a subtle partner to some truly abominable people in the war on Fox. They work hand-in-glove with the Obama administration and the Democrat party.

They conveniently waited until right before Super Tuesday as Rubio is beginning to pick up steam among voters.

The exposé authored by Jason Horowitz claims that within weeks of Rubio signing on to the amnesty bill, on January 17, 2013, he met with Senator Chuck Schumer at News Corp’s Manhattan headquarters to convince Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes to give the amnesty bill a chance and to keep their hosts from attacking it.

Murdoch is an advocate of immigration reform.

The meeting probably did take place but what they are leaving out and the anonymous people who gave them the information is too important to take this on face value. The article also says they agreed to “give them breathing room”. That’s all it actually has as a “fact.”

The attendees allegedly agreed that Rubio had to reach out to Rush Limbaugh who they suggest was receptive.

Of course, Rubio would reach out to Limbaugh, so what?

This information comes from anonymous sources who were at the meeting, emphasis on the word “anonymous” though if Schumer was there, you know he was likely one of the sources.

The author indicated that confirmation came from Limbaugh himself. The author backed this up with excerpts taken out of context from Rush’s show including mentioning that Rush thinks Rubio is “admirable and noteworthy” and is a “thoroughbred conservative”.

They made a mistake dragging Limbaugh into it. It was a bridge too far.

In this one article, the far-left newspaper was able to put the seeds of doubt on Fox, Limbaugh, Rubio, Trump, and play into the fears, distrust, and confusion among the GOP voters.

I’m not buying it.

Something is wrong with this story.

Marco Rubio did not accurately describe the Senate immigration bill in 2013. Of course it was amnesty. Things he suggested were in the bill were not in the bill. He is not specific enough on what he believes now.

Fox has been very supportive of the claims that the immigration bill wasn’t amnesty and Rush has given Rubio a chance, but so has everyone in the Republican party.

There is enough in the story to make people question all the people they trust. The author reports that Rubio told Levin and Ingraham the amnesty bill wasn’t amnesty. Why were their names even mentioned?

So what if Fox chiefs met with Rubio? So what if they like immigration reform and played down its negatives?

Fox cable is opinion news like all the other cable news. Don’t trust any of them to form your opinions and you’re safe. They are all biased.

As for O’Reilly who was also mentioned, he never said he was a conservative, he says he’s an independent. He’s a social conservative in many ways but he has many liberal views. He’s honest about it.

Who cares if Rush likes Rubio. He also prefers Cruz and is more than fair to Trump. The comments by the author only concentrate on the comments he made that support Rubio.

Limbaugh wants conservatives to unite and he never attacks any GOP candidate. He has said that he only once endorsed a candidate, it was a mistake, and he wouldn’t do it again. Actually, I know who the candidate was because it was someone running for an office in my district and he was wrong.

The NY Times wants to destroy conservatives – keep that in mind. The leftists will do anything to quell all dissent.

All we can do is get as much information as we can and in the end trust our gut and go with our values when we vote.