NY Times Op-Ed Columnist Uses Ferguson to Promote White Guilt


Nicholas Kristof wrote an editorial for the NY Times yesterday in which he said he wants us to form a Truth and Reconciliation Commission like the one they have in South Africa, a country once ruled under Apartheid. While admitting we’re not quite South Africa, he wants to step it up a notch in this country and make blacks feel even more victimized.

He begins his piece by saying, “we are a nation divided” and indeed we are, something which has grown exponentially under Barack Obama, something a pity party truth commission would accelerate.

“We feud about the fires in Ferguson, Mo., and we can agree only that racial divisions remain raw,” Kristof says.

The fires in ferguson have little to do with race relations among normal people. They are fired up by radical black communists, white communists, anarchists and other anti-government types protected by Barack Obama and our chief law enforcement officer, Eric Holder.

Kristof said the commission should be run by the “likes of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and Oprah Winfrey.” He’s serious.

Kristof claims to have the evidence about racism and then cites one study by a couple economists in which white referees were found to call more fouls on black players while black refs allegedly called more fouls on whites. That’s his proof that racial bias is “deeply embedded in American life”.

From there, he leaps to the conclusion that bosses, police and school principals do the same thing.

He has a series of articles titled “When Whites Just Don’t Get It.” He does not have a series titled, “When Blacks Just Don’t Get It.”

We’re so stupid as whites that we only notice blacks who have made it and are oblivious to the sufferings and humiliations of African-Americans, according to this arrogant liberal.

He then gave a few examples that are meant to serve as proof.

That isn’t to say there is no truth to this. Blacks are singled out more than whites and they are not always treated fairly but as long as blacks are overly-represented in murderous gangs, in criminal acts, in shootings, that will continue. As long as white liberals promote this sense of victimization and entitlement, we will be at a stalemate.

Kristof’s condescending conclusion: “My sense is that part of the problem is well-meaning Americans who disapprove of racism yet inadvertently help perpetuate it. We aren’t racists, yet we buttress a system that acts in racist ways. It’s ‘racism without racists,’ in the words of Eduardo Bonillo-Silva, a Duke University sociologist.”

We are stupid victims of our own deep-rooted stereotypes, he suggests.

There is truth to that. As an educator, I found a lot of the liberal teachers wanted to put my black children right into special education claiming it was because they wanted to help them. Meanwhile, they wanted them out of their classes.

Michael Brown, Kristof says, is part of a pattern.

Michael Brown was a big man, a thug who had robbed a convenience store and roughed up a clerk. He assaulted an officer and then charged the much smaller officer like a running back. He was shot dead only ten feet from his intended victim, former Officer Darren Wilson.

Kristof doesn’t know what unfolded in Ferguson, he says, though the evidence strongly points to what happened in Ferguson. He also doesn’t seem to know that the Communist Revolutionary parties have been leading the riots of late, including the “protests” last night.

You see, communists never let a good crisis go to waste. They are always ready to lure more allegedly victimized people into their web under the guise of being their saviors.

Saving them means feeding their feelings of inferiority by telling them they are victims and need to live off entitlements.

The Democratic party, once the party of vile racism, the party of the KKK, is now a party that includes communists and furthers racism towards whites to keep their black constituents.

Kristof talks of our “smug white delusion” about race relations in America, which feeds the liberal narrative. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth. There is still a problem of bigotry but white on black bigotry will not prevent a black from becoming anything he or she is capable of becoming. Black on white bigotry is never discussed and while it might stem from abuse, much of it is fomented by white liberals telling them they can never get ahead and whites, especially the police, hate them.

Personally, I do believe we owe blacks because of the U.S. history of racism towards them. It has engrained some feelings of inferiority in them. People do single them out. We do not owe them pity or welfare however. We owe them a good education and fairness, justice, not social justice.

Blacks have a unique place in our history. They are all American and their ancestors have been here far longer than most inhabitants. They are not African-Americans. They are true Americans. They have contributed in endless ways to our society. Music, art, sports, literature, inventions, politics, they are as successful as some among them are damaged and dangerous.

We need blacks to be successful.

One of the students in a former school I worked in wouldn’t talk to whites. He was in a gang but came to school – to a special education class of mentally challenged children – every day. He never uttered a word until science. Then he answered every question and prompted intelligent discussion which many of his classmates couldn’t understand. He was talking to the wind.

I went up to him and asked if I could ask him a question. He could barely stand to look at me but, after cursing and threatening, said that I could. I asked him how he knew so much. He spat the words, “I watch the science channel”.

This precious child was held back mostly by his hatred of whites and this is what liberals don’t get.

Kristof thinks white America doesn’t take responsibility for the horrors blacks have had to endure. He’s wrong. Many people understand, however, none of us are “entitled” and we must all meet our responsibilities. Blacks are a good, religious race of people and these liberals are ruining them, keeping them enslaved just as they did less than a hundred years ago.

When will white liberals take responsibility for their constant encouragement of aborting black babies, sex without marriage which is a serious problem in black culture, when will they stop telling gang families in Ferguson that they are victims?

It’s white liberals who “don’t get it.”


Nicolas Kristof, the man who wants to tell us stupid whites that we “don’t get it”, has a history of not getting it himself.

Nicolas Kristof

In June 2007 Kristof spoke on the importance of the “grand bargain” with Iran at a conference organized by the American Iranian Council in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Kristof recounted his trips to Iran and told the audience that on a people-to-people level Iran is one of the most pro-American countries in the Middle East. He argued that American hard-liners, such as Dick Cheney, are reinforcing and strengthening Iranian hard-liners, and vice versa.

In 2002 Kristof wrote a series of columns indirectly suggesting that Steven Hatfill, a former US Army germ-warfare researcher named a “person of interest” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), might be a “likely culprit” in the 2001 anthrax attacks. Hatfill was never charged with any crime. In July 2004 Hatfill sued the Times and Kristof for libel, asserting claims for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Subsequently, Hatfill voluntarily dismissed Kristof as a defendant in the case when it became clear that the District Court lacked personal jurisdiction over Kristof. The suit continued against the Times and was initially dismissed by the District Court on the basis that the allegations in Kristof’s articles, even if untrue, did not constitute defamation. He just ruined the man’s life though he did apologize.

He loves all things liberal and serves as a good example of tunnel vision journalism.